Searching the Catalogue

The search form consists of:

  1. a text box for entry of text to be matched against information held in the archival database;
  2. a search button that you click to initiate a database search; and
  3. a list box to hold the names of data records retrieved by the search.

The search process matches records that contain the entered search text.

If the search text is left blank, all records will match.

When the search is complete, the names of matching records are listed in alphabetical sequence in the list box.

If a large number of matching records are found, the list box will contain only the first page of results and a navigation bar displayed at the top of the list to allow you to retrieve the other pages, one at a time.

To view details of any item in the list, click the relevant line to select that record. The associated information will then be shown in the main display pane.

You may search the catalogue for materials, or for persons or agencies that may have created, used or owned archival materials during their working life.